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AVC brought you a good news for pet lovers and pet lovers to-be.

         October 29th, 2019 Dr.Rattapan Pattanarangsan was invited as a guest speaker for Walailak University Health Promoting Radio Program ( วลัยลักษณ์ รักษ์สุขภาพ ). Dr.Rattapan Pattanarangsan brought an interesting topic of “A new longevity elixir; house pets”. A talk is based on finding of a newly published paper …

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Blood samples from fighting bulls

         October 28th, 2019 Dr.Rattapan Pattanarangsan and Dr.Purima Phrommontri along with Akkahararatchakumari Veterinary Teaching Hospital staffs went out for fighting bulls’ blood collection mission. The aim of this mission is to obtain blood samples from fighting bulls for blood analyzer setting and calibration. Fighting bull is a …

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Work shop: Tip & Trick for Abdominal Ultrasound Diagnosis

Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College’s hospital brought to the local veterinary community of southern Thailand Prof.Dr.Stefan Unterer a world-class expert in small animal ultrasonography. On September 3rd, 2019 AVC hospital along with Merge Company hosted a hands-on seminar of “One Day Work shop: Tip & Trick for Abdominal Ultrasound Diagnosis”. Participants which …

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African Swine Fever

Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College’s Teaching Hospital, Walailak University with the Department of Livestock Development hold a seminar of “Knowing the disease, fighting the crisis  of African Swine Fever (ASF)”. The seminar was co-hosted by The The Southern Swine Farmer Association  and declared open by The director of the office of regional …

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AVC welcomed Prof.Dr.Norbert Mencke, a Veterinary Parasitology expert from Germany

Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College (AVC) welcomed a visiting professor namely Professor Doctor Norbert Menceke an outstanding veterinary parasitology researcher from Bayer Research Department of Bayer Compay, Germany. Prof.Mencke expert fields are in ectoparasite and protozoal drug development in various animal hosts. From this visit , Prof. Mencke have had a chance …

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The Beauty of small class-size

Class of 2018 of Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College (AVC) attended the subject VET 61-211 Basic Practical Skill which covers animal behavior, animal restraint, and physical examination topics in small animals, exotic pet species and food animals as well. The beauty of small class-size which AVC offers is the students can have …

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