Training your dog to sleep in his own bed

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By Assoc. Prof.Dr. Tuempong Wongtawan


For owners who choose to have the dog sleep on the mattress. Today I would like to talk about training a dog to sleep on its bed. There are two types, which are a bed in a cage and without a cage. Dogs who like to mess around at night, chasing cats, catching mice, peeing often, eating wires, eating household items. can't hold pee or peeing constantly He would have to sleep in a cage to prevent damage in the house and a loud noise that disturbs the people in the house and neighbors. In addition, letting the dog sleep in its bed, it will also help reduce the aggression of some dogs that have a habit of guarding the couch or the sofa.

Where to put the bed

If it's the same bedroom, place the mattress in an area where your dog can clearly see you and you can notice the dog as well. As for the dogs, they will feel relieved when they see their owners. But if sleeping in different rooms, then place the mattress in the area where you and your dog do activities often. The dog will be able to see you often, such as the living room.

How many hours a day should a dog sleep?

Dogs may sleep for about 16 hours a day, but they don't sleep long like humans. The dog sleeps for a short time and wakes up often. The dog at my house sleeps for the longest time, about 2 hours because of the very good smell and hearing senses. Therefore, its mattress should be an area that is not too easily disturbed, then the dog will have a full sleep.

When should you start training your dog to sleep?

You should start training your dog to sleep in the bed from an early age. like the saying “A soft wood is easy to bend. Old trees are difficult to bend.” But not that old dogs can't be trained. My dog which I just got here is over 10 years old and she can still be trained to sleep on her bed. It took less than a week. We must train the dog to understand that This mattress belongs to them. They can sleep well and be safe. Try not to change the mattress often, but you may have a few that you can wash and dry in the sun.

How to start training?


Training a dog to sleep on the mattress, you have to make it know its bed is familiar, safe and comfortable. If a puppy, you should carry him to bed every time when he sleeps or be sleepy and then say “sleep”. Try to train him to get used to the bed by doing activities on his bed, eating snacks, playing with toys, and staying with him when he is in bed. Using the command “go to sleep” or “sleep”, then put him on the bed or point your hand to the bed, etc. This type of training is suitable for growing dogs and beginning to understand commands. When told to sleep, lead the dog to the bed but if it's a small breed, you can carry him to sleep. If the dog goes to sleep at the point where it was placed. It should be rewarded with a treat that it likes to let him know that he's doing well. Usually, dogs prefer to sleep on the mattress because they are soft. Practicing lying on the mattress may not be that difficult. If it's hot at home, your dog may choose to sleep in a cooler area. So turning on the fan, an air conditioner or using a mattress that is relatively cold will help to train the dog to sleep on the bed easier. When you finish reading this article and feel that you are ready to train your dog. You can use the techniques that I recommend above.