Should dog sleep with you on the bed?

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By Assoc. Prof.Dr. Tuempong Wongtawan

          Many owners love to have their dogs sleep with them on the bed, some like the dogs sleep in the same room but not on the bed, some dogs have their own bed, some dogs like to sleep on the sofa, some sleep on the floor. So, which way is the right way?
          Before you decide to choose the way for dog sleeping place, please consider the advantage and disadvantage of keeping the dog in your room/bed

Advantage of keeping dog sleep in your room 

  • Increase good relation between dog and owner 
  • A dog can protect you or alarm you when they smell and hear something strange 
  • A dog feels secure and will be more quiet  
  • You can quickly the observe the sickness of the dog
  • A dog can wake you up in the morning 

Disadvantage of keeping dog sleep in your room 

  • A dog may interrupt your sleep 
  • People who allergic to dog hair should not let the dog sleep in their room
  • You room will be more dirty 
  • A dog should not sleep with the baby as it may interrupt the baby’s sleeping 
  • Some dogs may have ticks that can bite and transmit the disease to human 

Should dogs sleep on your bed 

  • Small dog may risk getting injury if fall from the bed
  • You may need to clean duvet, bed sheet, and pillows quite often.
  • You need a big bed
  • Some dogs may bite your mattress, pillows, and duvet, you need to change it quite often

Dog should have their own bed 

Dogs love to sleep on the bed, it makes them feel comfortable and keep them healthy. We should select the dog’s bed carefully.

  • The size should be bigger than dog’s size more than 5 inch
  • Some dogs love to have pillow
  • Some dogs love the bed look like the hole
  • We should clean the dog’s bed regularly
  • Some people believe that the foam bed is the best one
  • Some dogs may pee on the night you need to provide them a place for peeing