The Beauty of small class-size

Class of 2018 of Akkhararatchakumari Veterinary College (AVC) attended the subject VET 61-211 Basic Practical Skill which covers animal behavior, animal restraint, and physical examination topics in small animals, exotic pet species and food animals as well. The beauty of small class-size which AVC offers is the students can have more chances to practice and enhance their practical skills for future practice. This part of practical regimen is physical examination and sample collection from dogs. All students can perform basic physical examination in dogs including heart and lung auscultations, taking rectal temperature, and many other examinations. Sample collection part is taking blood samples from important blood vessels namely; cephalic vein, saphenous vein, femoral vein and jugular vein. At the end of the practical class, all of the 7 students were successfully perform blood collection. More than the successful outcomes, the students learned about their performances both the good sides, the mistake and the correction of those mistakes made. In the short future, the students will have more chances to practice in exotic animal species and farm animal species, as much as they have done in small animals.

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