Finch - Inject Co. LTD. visited AVC vet and donated a dart pistol to Elephant and Wild Animal Clinic.

           June 21st, 2020, Dr. Songgrid Jearranaisilp the CEO of Finch-Inject Company Limited visited Dr.Rattapan Pattanarangsan, an Elephant and Wild animal clinic staff of Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College to demonstrate remote drug delivery system equipment. Zoo and wildlife veterinarians worldwide have to have proficient dart gun skill set to deliver drugs to harmful or frightened non-domestic animal that stay remotely up to 50 meters. Dr. Songgrid Jearranaisilp is a former official veterinarian from Department of National Parks and Wildlife with tons of experience in dart guns. Dr. Jearranaisilp, in the name of Finch-Inject Co.LTD. aims to assist zoological medicine by offering various models of dart guns to maximize efficacy of the practice in affordable price. For this visit, he also gave one complete set of Finch-Inject dart pistol and accessories to AVC as a complimentary to Elephant and Wild Animal Clinics. The dart pistol is ready for the service of elephant and wild animal facilities in the Southern Thailand area and serving veterinary student as a practical equipment as well.

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