Clinical Professor Doctor
Suvichai Rojanasathien

Message from the Dean

           " I am Clinical Professor, Dr. Suvichai Rojanasathien, who is now acting Dean of the Royal College of Veterinary Medicine, Walailak University. I would like to inform you about the principles and background of the College of Veterinary Medicine. This is where there are principles and methods of action in regards to the production of a good bachelor of veterinary medicine with the potential to go out to serve society and develop oneself further.

            I would like to mention about the shortfall of current veterinary graduates is that there is too little self-learning process. Teachers often use methods to feed knowledge to learners. They believe that it will make the learners have a lot of knowledge and use the current exam process to measure their memory to determine whether the learner is good or not. Therefore, the process of learning and finding solutions to various problems of the students decreased implicitly. Hence, the quality of graduates does not meet the needs of the world of the near future. Those who have a smart problem solving process will be a successful survivor. Moreover, communication skills in foreign languages are also a deficit that hinders ability. This reduces the chances of working abroad or working with foreigners.

           With the vision of Walailak University administrators University Council therefore approved to establish and request the name of the College of Veterinary Medicine Walailak University which conducts teaching and learning in an international system throughout the course and has adopted the British Framework of Professional Standards from UK (UKPSF) for Teaching and Supporting Quality Learning used for teaching. This provide teachers with skills and abilities become more professional in teaching including to provide students with skills in thinking, analyzing, and synthesizing rather than memorizing. All of which are in line with the professional standards of the Veterinary Council of Thailand.

           By the principles and methods mentioned above I am therefore confident that every veterinary doctor from Walailak University will have the knowledge and ability to succeed in their careers and lead a smooth life in the future. "

Clinical Professor Doctor Suvichai Rojanasathien

Working in conjunction with educating

Working in the dairy farm together with educating practical knowledge to the farmers helps increase of dairy production to 2-6 kilogram.

- received the royal award for the benefit for the dairy farming and dairy industry
- was elected to the position President of the Veterinary Council 2012-2015
- was chosen as a model veterinarian Alumni Association Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Kasetsart University 2014
Close up with students

- emphasis on learning that is consistent between theory and practice, and then learn in real situations
- received Outstanding Teacher Award in Health Sciences of the Association of Southeast Asia Institute of Higher Level (ASAIHL) 2009
- received National Outstanding Teacher Award in Health Sciences, 2008
- received the Outstanding Teacher Award "Golden Elephant" in Health Sciences, Chiang Mai University, 2008
- was selected as a teacher with outstanding performance in moral development Ethics for students Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Chiang Mai University
- served as an advisor to 2 clubs, including working at volunteer camp
- is teachers at happy students near

- Most of the research is research for development and use in problem solving. For publication, there are more than 28 National publications and 16 international publications.
- Collaborating with the Faculty of Pharmacy to develop 4 recipes of products and drugs used in dairy cows to help dairy farmer.คนม
- Academic services such as cattle semen testing, Internal Medicine and Surgery in a dairy farm, Surgery to solve the dislocation of the abomasum.