10 reasons to apply for AVC


10 Reasons why you have to study AVC at WU

10 Reasons why you have to study AVC at WU

1. Royal Name

Akkhraratchakumari Veterinary College is a named given by Princess Chulabhorn Walailak Akkhararatchakumari. This is the pricelessly Royal honor giving to our college which we accepted with highest gratitude.

2. Only one in Thailand

We are the one and only international veterinary college in Thailand. Other 10 schools are older or larger but being international veterinary school is not easy.

3. IPAD Provided IPAD

AVC supports student to learn in Smart Classroom and Smart University environment. Student will get a financial support from the college in a sum of money much enough to obtain a basic iPad model.

4. Thorough teaching and focus on quality

We teach in small-sized classes which is crucial for the student to get a close-advice practicing as a practical profession. Our veterinary graduates must be proficient or Do-able graduates. Since we teach small-sized classes, we have higher number of case-per student.

5. Oversea Field Trip

You will experience international and multicultural environments. We do not have limitations for nationality for our incoming students. We have full-time overseas professor, and many visiting professors.

6. Teaching by Foreign & Thai Lecturers

You will have chances for training/practicing both in Thailand and overseas every year. AVC provides travelling scholarship for students each year as much as 10% of the tuition fee paid to the college. Student who planed not to travel in a current year can add the money up for the next year.

7. Practices for clinical rotation in Year 4

The curriculum has been carefully designed so that you will finish major study in 4 years, enter clinical rotation in the 5th year and most importantly, choose clinical electives of your choices in the year-6. That means you can design your future of your own, ready to work and already enter your specialist career as the market-preferable demands.

8. Certified by Veterinary Council (In progress and follow up)

Walailak University teaches by the UKPSF system or United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework which enhance abilities of the student to perform better. From the size and the establishment of the University, WU is in the “Small and New Class” but our students’ performance are equal to “Old and Large Class”. Evidently, in our Health-science schools licensing examination, WU students passed more than 90% in the first trial. Especially Medical school graduates can pass 100% in some years.

9. UKPSF is not memorization

We planned to have AVC accredited by AVBC (The Australasian Veterinary Boards Council) and when the process is successful. Graduates are eligible to take licensing examination to practice in Australia, New Zealand and some other United Kingdom countries.

10. Well-being

We situate in the south of Thailand where you will find well preserved national parks, wildlife and several untouched beaches. The nearest beach is just 10 minute-drive, the nearest mountain jungle is 30-minute drive. The world –class tourist attraction islands are just a few hours away. The best air quality village in Thailand is merely 30 Km. to our campus. Air quality relate to physical and mental health and significantly relate to studying performance.